Personal Performance

About the course

Have you experienced drive, that push from within to perform, to succeed, to become the best, to experience excellence? The personal performance program is designed to break down everything that keeps us average. Its defeats self-sabotaging behaviours like procrastination and builds a person to perform from inside out.
This program is specifically designed for people who owns and runs their businesses and or are in sports where the need to excel and drive to succeed is the primary motivator. Yet their stress levels are so high that despite being seen as leaders they struggle to cope with their internal mental wars.
This program supports them in fully integrated holistic approach as no areas of life are left untouched to turn this person into a High Performing individual.

Class Venue

Unit 4, Vista Place, Coy Pond Business Park, Ingworth Road, Poole BH12 1JY

Aims of the Course

This program aims to address four main areas. Our work starts with the needs assessment of the individuals to understand primary motivators. These motivators are real needs upon which all helpful behaviours can be built upon. Then the program directs individuals to identify their vision and goals. And with the action plans in place, the work begins.

This program allows individuals to overcome their inner conflicts and brings certainty in order to become peak performers in all walks of life instead of creating a lopsided existence.

This program also focuses on training Tradesmen and turn their skill and talent into a sustainable business. It teaches them all the business along with performance skills.

Skills required

Personal Performance Program will help you as a Business owner or a Sports person to attain key skills that will help them to overcome challenges of failure, lack of motivation and rejection in order to perform at your peak level.
Anti-procrastination 95%
Self Analysis and Needs 50%
Goals and Action Plans 65%
Stress Management 70%
Work Life satisfaction 88%

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