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I am Sam Sharma, an International Executive coach, a Motivational speaker and a Leadership Consultant. I work with Individuals, Business owners, directors and people in leadership roles. I believe that the change really begins at the top of an organisation and then trickles down.
I act as a trusted advisor because I not only understands the hidden patterns or trends in people's thoughts and behaviours but also help them unblock their barriers to great success, whether it is in their businesses or in their personal lives. I help my clients to connect them with their true self and shows them how to succeed in all areas of their life.

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How Coaching Can Benefit You

Experience winning in your business
In my experience coaching works differently for everyone but it does have transformational powers. To start with coaching addresses real needs and not your wants. Allow me to elaborate, many clients have come to me with specific goals, that they need this or that. In most cases, their WHY, their reasoning as to why do they want that goal is hidden behind another deeper goal. This deeper goal stems from their primary unmet needs.

New Book From Sam Sharma

Available November 19th!
Choice to become extra ordinary or to stay mediocre is the ultimate battle we all have to face if we were to become a Peak Performers. True performance comes out of us when we remove all our inner conflicts and stand by our calling! It allows us to open the doors to greatness and become that 1% of the population that have attained great heights without losing the balance.
This book is an essential read for all whom Performance matters! From Business Owners to Athletes, from Managers to employees or teams, this book will allow you to confront those inner demons that hold us back. It will open access to tools and techniques that can be used to overcome self-sabotaging behaviours such as procrastination and things that holds us back! This will be the ultimate battlefield for each one of us!