Speed of Trust

Speed of Trust

Speed of Trust

Our potential customers go through 3 stages of decision making before they chose to buy from us. These stages are like know and trust.

Its only at the trust stage they are ready to make a purchase from you. But they need to know you to trust you, furthermore they need to like you to know you.

But the process of establishing trust has 4 components to it:

1. Intent- includes your agenda and behaviours when you meet fellow members of the meeting

2. Integrity- includes your core values, as well as your estimating and invoicing processes

3. Capability- your ability to do the job you claim you can do

4. Results- getting results for your customers irrespective of how you feel

Fortunately, BNI offers us perfect tools and platform to let others experience these 4 components of trust by encouraging us to engage by attending weekly formal networking events, training offered, informal events having one to ones, attending power team meetings and by playing roles within our chapters to promote your visibility.

So whereabouts are you in the like know trust cycle? do people like you? do they know you? more importantly, do they trust you?

That’s something for you to think about.

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