Team Performance

About the course

This program focuses on the people more than on the processes. It is designed to create focus and drive performance within teams. Managers who lead teams are at times responsible for most of the issues team faces. Understanding our approaches to team can either inspire a team or demotivate them. This program is designed to finish the old culture of toxicity in the name of healthy competition, which is still being used by most old-school managers and directors. Program encourages people to participate in the process rather than winning against each other. It promotes the culture of performance rather than of competition.

This program is designed to get people to perform at a higher level by engaging all level of employees from engaged ones to actively disengaged ones. It supports business processes by making KPI's as milestones within the program so teams are held accountable and performance is measured as part of improvement.

Class Venue

Unit 4, Vista Place, Coy Pond Business Park, Ingworth Road, Poole BH12 1JY

Aims of the Course

This program is designed to build a culture of motivation, resilience and performance within the teams. It focuses on working with individuals in the team to help them to pull in the same direction. We call it Cohesive Performance that is when teams are galvanised together and personal motives are set aside in light of team objectives.

Teams get to understand their business objectives along with their own personal reasons to perform. This when coupled together propels them to perform and creates a win-win culture. Teams get to understand their goals, have complete focus, have action plans and learn key skills required to overcome their mental barriers like self doubt etc..

Teams are assessed on Skill-Will matrix to establish each individual's needs and are supported to learn and grow in order to perform like a leader in their respective fields.

Skills Attained

Team Performance Program will help your team attain key skills that will help them to overcome challenges of change, lack of motivation and rejection in order to hit targets.
Team Objectives 100%
Resilience 80%
Grit 80%
Goals 70%

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